Living in Freedom

It was for freedom that Christ came, to set us free - freedom to live as we were created to live. Only in Christ's freedom given to us, do we find the capacity to interact with creation as true sons and daughters of God - this freedom is the ONLY WAY to a fully functional, and fully engaged, life.


Intimacy with God

Interacting with God is as relational and simple as interacting with people, and it's in these intimate moments that we take on His nature, His heart, and His character. Holy Spirit brings us into deeper oneness with the Father.

Father and Sons

Our God is perfect, and has provided a way through Jesus, for us to enter into full sonship with Him as Father. Knowing God as Father is an incredible honor, and He wants establish His kingdom on earth through those who know how to live as sons of a perfect Father.  He has never abandoned His intended design for us!

Expanding your Influence

Sons and Daughters of God are influencers - Our Father wants us to be His image and has already given to us everything that we need to influence the world with His transforming love.

The Spirit that raised Christ from the dead, lives in us to influence the world.

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